Saturday, July 30, 2011

Towel Fun

In my bouquet of happiness today my special happiness flower is an appreciation for all the hard work the cleaning staff do to make our room wonderful. It is so nice to have someone make our beds and give us clean towels. I know how much work goes into keeping one bedroom and one shower clean at home so I can't imagine having to clean room after room after room every single day. It is easy to take a nice clean room for granted but if you stop to think about just how hard the cleaning staff work to make your room so nice and neat - it is definitely something to truly appreciate. The staff here leave the most adorable towel animals on our bed each day. We have had a swan, a crab, 2 love birds - all ready to greet us when we come in our room. Today we went to a towel folding demonstration and there is really a lot of work that goes into each towel arrangement. They have to use both hands, their teeth, chin and then twisting, bending, folding - it is actually quite a production. They even use fresh picked flowers for each towel. The towel basket full of fresh picked flowers is really beautiful. To show the person who cleans our room how much we appreciate all her thoughtful touches, we learned how to make a towel swan and made one for her. I have to say our towel swan looks pretty good! We put our cute swan right in the middle of the bed with a note that says "Mucho Gracias!" We hope she likes it!!!

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