Friday, July 1, 2011

Just ONE more blackberry....

Last night I decided I needed to take a pre-dinner walk. I knew that the campfire dinner was going to be delicious so I was going to take a proactive approach to the caloric intake that awaited me. I mean no one - I mean NO one can resist perfectly roasted toasted marshmallows! I have no willpower against the awesome forces of S'mores.  As I was walking around our woods, my stomach was growling. REALLY growling.  The steak was almost ready to go onto the campfire, the big baked potatoes were almost done and the roasted artichoke hearts smelled so good - the woods were filled with heavenly aromas. It was almost too much to bear.  My determination to be less fluffy kept my feet moving.  One foot in front of the other. Step by Step..........OH my!  Look at that!  FRESH RIPE BLACKBERRIES! mmmmmmm.  They were so deep purple. SO delicious looking and I was SO hungry.  I picked just a few and popped them into my mouth. HEAVENLY.  I think they might be the sweetest blackberries we have had in a while.  I decided I would grab a handful with each pass through the woods.  If I walk from my house, around the garden, around the pond and through the path in our woods - it is about 1.5 miles. I decided I would do one complete circuit and then finish with some smaller loops around the woods and reward myself with some delicious blackberries.  Excellent plan! My first time through was perfect.  Blackberries right on the edge of the trail. Pick, pick, pick, eat, eat, eat, eat. Excellent.  My next pass through the woods - well most of the ripe blackberries were now picked and only red ones were right on the trail. So I stretched WAY into the plants to pick some more. Pick, sticker, pick, sticker, OUCH!, eat, eat, eat. Still pretty good! So I am down to my last pass through the woods.  My hunger is growing. My tummy is growling. Where are all the blackberries now? WAY in the back. Not anywhere close to the nicely mowed trail. I just want ONE more handful. Just ONE more.  And so I did what I should NOT have done.  I should not have said flippantly to myself "Oh I will just step on TOP of the poison ivy. I will just tip toe AROUND the poison ivy. I will just hold down that gigantic poison ivy leaf with my shoe as I stretch and reach for the blackberries." YES. DUMB. YES. REALLY DUMB. Especially since I was wearing shorts and crocs and no socks. So this morning as I was ankles were really itching. I seem to have a red rash around my ankles. I wonder, just wonder......what could it be?????

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