Monday, July 18, 2011

All about the Eyes

Ginger's little puppies are doing really well.  I still marvel at the fact we have 12 little babies to love.  Ginger is enjoying all her extra food goodies and has enough milk for all her little ones to get their fill.  She is a really good mommy!!!!! All 12 are just about the same size and are growing nicely. Their little eyes are opening this week and they are cuter than ever. 
They are so snuggly!
Here are the sweet little girls
And the whole gang
They are too cute aren't they???
Speaking of eyes....when I took my younger daughter to the eye doctor last week, there were some concerns with her eyes.  She saw a specialist today - and everything is 100% A-Okay! That was a big relief! Just another reason why we all love to eat carrots. Happy eyes everywhere!

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