Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My daughters and I left this morning at 4:30am and are now happily sitting in paradise! The sun is shining and the brilliant blue ocean is smiling at us. Our trip here was long and we were so tired on the first flight. All 3 of us kept falling asleep and then would jerk awake every time our heads fell over. We tried everything to get a few minutes of sleep but couldn't find a comfortable position. Right as the plane was landing I noticed.....that the headrests of the seats moved! Oh my gosh! We could have moved the headrests to keep our heads from rolling off! We all cracked up over the fact that for 3 hours - we never even noticed! Oh well - next time we will for sure check for that lovely feature. The very first thing we did when we arrived at our destination was to run into the ocean. Ahhhhhh. Paradise!!! We are here for the next week and the forecast calls for smiles, happiness, gratefulness, and most importantly - togetherness. Hope your week is equally as special!!!!

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