Monday, July 25, 2011


So here I sit at the airport......waiting and waiting and waiting. Don't the people in charge of airlines realize it isn't nice to post arrival times and then change them, and then change them again, and then change them again again? When I left home, my older daughter's flight was on time. I drove to the airport full of smiles and happiness. My daughter has not been home for the longest time and we have everything ready at home for the big welcome. I practically ran through the airport so I could be the first one standing at the gate ready to greet her. After standing at the waiting area with no signs of my daughter, I checked the arrival board. DELAYED. Ack! Noooooo! Every time I check the new arrival time, it is 15 minutes later than the last posted time. *sigh*. I have now been waiting almost 90 minutes and still no sweet daughter. The latest posted time is another 30 minutes from now. The waiting is torturous! I can't wait to see her! I can't wait to hug her! I can't wait to have her home! I can't wait to set my table for FIVE people tonight. Okay. 28 more minutes. I can do this. While I wait, I am filled with warmth watching all the other families greet their loved ones. There is nothing as heartwarming as watching families reunite. Little kids running to their daddies, husbands hugging wives, brothers greeting sisters. You can just feel the love all around. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies, "Love Actually". Love actually is all around. I just can't wait for mine to arrive!!

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