Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aqua Gym!!!!

My big beautiful flower of happiness today is all about AQUA GYM! Oh my gosh the people here make exercising SO fun. Honestly! FUN! I normally somewhat dread exercising. I do it because I must. I do it so that I can stay fit. I do it because if I don't ---- I will be quite fluffy and not in the cute way. Here on vacation, I cannot wait to "exercise". We have done SO many activities and not a single one feels like it could actually be called "exercise". My favorite is Aqua Gym. It is an hour of total enjoyment out in the ocean. The instructors have HUGE speakers facing the ocean and put on latin reggaeton music and infuse the aerobics with dancing and water fun. My daughters and I are smiling and laughing the entire time we are working out. Today we had 3 instructors all doing the latest latin dance moves and aerobic moves out on the beach while we did them in the ocean. Then everyone was in the ocean and it was beyond fun. We were actually crying from laughing so hard. I think my abdominal muscles got the biggest work out! My favorite instructor's name is "Coca Cola" and he has SO much energy and dances and smiles and laughs and makes the entire hour fly by. I actually can't wait until tomorrow so I can exercise some more!!! That is something I thought I would never say!!!! Yea Aqua Gym!!!!!

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