Friday, November 25, 2011

But it is DARK out

Yesterday was everything Thanksgiving was meant to, food, family....FANTASTIC! It was a busy day spent caring for puppies, playing with the doggies, enjoying the kids being home and spending a delicious meal with those we love.  I finally got finished with all the chores around 10pm and my son asked if I wanted to go take a walk with him in the woods.  Of course I said, "But it is DARK out!"  My son evidently knew that.  He said he would bring a glow stick for me.  He also had charged up our glow in the dark doggie ball toy and said we could bring that too.  He was all like - come on mom - come on - the stars are out - the doggies will like it -- you can work off your Thanksgiving feast. How could I resist?  I really don't like the dark all that much.  I especially do not like walking in the dark because...I CANNOT SEE! But I put all that in the back of my mind put on my winter coat and shoes and out the door I went with my son and doggies.  Once we were outside......IT WAS DARK!!!  It was really DARK!  There was not even a shimmer of a moon glow.  I could not see a THING.  My son tossed the glow in the dark ball down the path and lit the way.  Our chocolate labradoodle Olive took off after the glowing orb and I couldn't even see where she went.  Next thing I know,  a seemingly levitating glowing ball bouncing back toward us.  It was pretty cool!  We couldn't even see Olive because it was so dark out so it really looked like the ball was leaping back to us all on its own.  We walked in the crisp darkness and enjoyed the thousands of stars in the sky.  We enjoyed the doggies chasing the glowing ball.  We enjoyed the silhouette of the trees in the darkness. A huge buck walked across the field towards us and we watched him disappear into the woods.  We talked some, enjoyed the quiet some, laughed some - and when we got back home I thanked my son for the most enjoyable late night Thanksgiving walk. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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