Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Thankfulness - Day 10 - Bath in a Bottle

Today I spent ALL day in the car. ALL day.  With puppies.  All alone.  I loaded up the puppy mobile early this morning and hit the road.  I had puppies to deliver and I decided to bring the puppy I am housebreaking along with me for company.  The puppies that were being delivered were SO good.  They didn't cry.  They didn't pee in the car.  They played happily together and were good little puppies.  Blossom (my little puppy) however decided that she would be a great representative of just how fun a car sick doggie is to travel with. I knew we were going to be in trouble about 20 minutes into the trip.  I was all set up with the waterproof pads and paper towels but the drool started flowing freely before I even got to the interstate and even the paper towels couldn't stop that.  Our first episode of throwing up happened right as I was cruising along Interstate 70.  Trucks were on either side of me and up came the first pile.  (Notice how I said "first".....there is more to come).  I felt very proud of myself for being prepared with the waterproof pad. I even thought, "YAY! It all landed on the waterproof pad!"  As I was driving, keeping in the lines, keeping my eyes on the road - I started carefully rolling up the waterproof pad making sure not to drip anything on the car seats.  I am still of course thinking that I am awesome.  Once I got the waterproof pad rolled up and stored on the floor on the passenger side......yes.....up came pile #2.  This time no thoughts of awesomeness came to my mind.  In fact as the trip progressed the only thought I had was, "HOW can there by anything left to throw up?!"  So I am sure you are wondering WHAT am I thankful for today?  Well it is a very easy thankful thought! I am thankful for "Miracle Groom".  This is a wonderful spray in a bottle that is a waterless bath.  It was a MIRACLE indeed today!  After each lovely "present" Blossom left for me - I cleaned her up with Miracle Groom and she was as clean and lovely smelling as when we left the house.  It really saved me today! Whoever thought of putting a puppy bath in a portable spritz bottle is a genius! I am VERY thankful!!!!!  And don't worry - Blossom is feeling quite fine now and we arrived safely!

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