Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Thankfulness - Day 6 - Red Beauty

Today as I was walking my dog the hill behind our house was literally aglow with the setting sun.  It almost looked like the hillside was on fire. Every leaf was illuminated with the colors of the setting sun.  The reds were particularly brilliant. I then started thinking about how beautiful the color red is in nature.  My favorite trees in autumn are the magnificent red ones.  Some trees are just so red they take your breath away.  I have a big tree out back that has the most beautiful red leaves and this afternoon my dog and I walked on a carpet of red leaves.  I took time to admire each one.  I thought about my favorite sunrises and sunsets - they are always the ones with the deepest reds.  A red cardinal in winter is a lovely sight. A big red harvest moon can make me stop everything I am doing just to take in the breathtaking view. There is no sweeter sight in June than red strawberries ripening on the vine.  How about the first red tomato of the summer? My mouth starts watering as soon as I set my eyes upon the precious prize of summertime. Red roses, red hearts of love, red flames of a campfire warming the night - all bring smiles right to my soul.  Today I am thankful for the color red. It may seem like a simple thing to be thankful for - but just think how much beauty that one color brings to our lives.  Red - the color of love - thank you.

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  1. You didn't mention beautiful red poodles, like Barkley! I'm sure you thought of him though. : )


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