Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Few....The Proud....The Marines

Today was Service Selection Day at The United States Naval Academy for the Firsties (senior class) midshipmen. After four long years of studying by the bay, the day of reckoning arrived for all the Firsties. The Navy let the senior class know which branch of the Navy they would serve. Most mids spent the morning anxiously awaiting the news.  My daughter could hardly sleep and we were both counting the minutes until the envelope arrived.  When she opened her envelope.....
This is what she saw:
My daughter is now officially a United States Marine Corps selectee.  In May as she graduates from the Naval Academy she will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  It is all my daughter ever wanted.  Today her dream came true. She is overwhelmed with happiness.  Me too.  She has worked so hard for this and she IS a Marine through and through. She is the most honest, faithful, loyal, hardworking, defender of rights, dedicated, determined, tough, and yes stubborn person. She never gives up. The Marines are lucky to have her.
Way to go my sweet Abigail ....



  1. She deserves it more than anybody...It feels like more than four years since we've known each other. Roommies since the beginning and always best friends at heart. I am so proud!!!! I can't wait to see how much of an asset she will be to the Corps!! <3 Alex


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