Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Thankfulness - Day 22 - And now the season begins

Tonight my younger daughter comes home!  I am pretty sure what I am thankful for today is now obvious!!!!  One of my older daughter's friends attends the same University and she offered to give my daughter a ride home tonight.  That saves me over 6 hours of driving!  I am SO thankful for that!  While she is on the road making her way here, I am busy getting everything ready.  Laundry - check!  Bedding washed and beds made - check!  Delicious dinner in the oven - check!  One very excited can't wait is it time yet when will she walk in the door Mom - check!!!!  I am thankful that my family will all be together for Thanksgiving! Next year my older daughter is likely to be deployed somewhere so I am extra thankful that she will be home this Thanksgiving.  As a sneak preview as to what I will be thankful for tomorrow ......my older daughter comes home tomorrow!  My thankfulness cup runneth over. And now the season begins!!!!!!! So happy!

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