Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Thankfulness - Day 5 - Laundry Mountain

So far today I have washed 3,652 loads of laundry.  I have at least 812 loads left to wash. Okay, okay - that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration but I am not kidding when I say I am doing wash load after wash load after wash load.  Why you ask? There is a slight chance that my ever so dear 15 year old son forgot what dresser drawers are.  There is also a chance that his clothes were scattered over the entire surface area of his room.  And in that same vein, there is an additional chance that no one, not even the greatest mastermind of all time, could decipher which of those heaps of clothing were in fact clean and which of those heaps of clothes were dirty.  I can tell you that to do a "sniff" test to see which clothes were clean only resulted in immediate gagging and near fainting from the toxic fumes. The only recourse - wash everything.  And so - I am stuck for the entire weekend washing clothes.  I have to hold my breath, reach into the bags holding the dirty clothes, shove them in the washer as quickly as I can, pour in the laundry soap and then gasp for air before I pass out.  I then select the ultimate wash where the load is sanitized and it takes approximately 2 hours before the washer determines it has indeed rid itself of the putrid stench. Then of course the clothes go into the dryer where the lint catcher is forced to extract all the Labrador retriever dog hair clumps from the clothing.  I think I could make a sweater just from my lint collection.  I also am amazed/concerned/bewildered/shocked at all the very TINY clothes that are coming from my son's room. I don't believe he has been a boy's size 8-10 for quite some time but I have witnessed a number of small tiny shirts thrown into the wash. Hmmmmm. Could it be that this enormous project was long overdue????? By the end of the weekend my hope is that all the clothes are clean. All the small clothes are ready to be donated to a boy that is not 6'3" and clearly too tall for those sizes. And finally, all the clean clothes not only make it upstairs to this certain tall boy's room BUT also make it INSIDE the drawers. A mom can dream can't she??? So in all my washings and foldings and sortings and breath holding - my November Thankfulness for today is - Washing Machines! Thank goodness I have a nice big washer that can wash and sanitize all those clothes!  Thank goodness I can get other work done at home while my washing machine does all the hard work.  And thank goodness the clothes smell SO much better now!!!!!

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