Monday, November 14, 2011

November Thankfulness - Day 14 - A Baker's Dozen

Today I am so thankful for the 13 little beautiful puppies that were born to our sweet Juneau and Barkley. This is Juneau's very first litter and she did an AWESOME job! She was a little confused when the first puppy popped out.  She had a look on her face like "Where Did That Come From???" Once she started licking the little puppy clean and the puppy nestled up next to her - the next 12 puppies were a breeze.  She had it figured out completely and lined her little babies up one by one. We have TEN boys and three girls in red caramel, caramel and caramel cream coloring.  They are all plump and healthy little puppies.  That is THIRTEEN reasons to be thankful.....wait let's make it 14 reasons.  Juneau gets the biggest thanks of all!!!
Puppy Pile of Cuddles!

Little sweet babies

A little curly boy

A wavy coated little girl

Thank you Juneau!!!!

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