Sunday, November 27, 2011

To go or not to go

So I WAS going to write my blog all about having my girls leave today.  It was going to be all about how the weekend was wonderful and how much I will miss them and how I will be counting the days until Christmas. I had the entire blog written in my head and it was a REALLY good blog.  BUT THEN - as I was taking the dogs outside to go to the bathroom, in the rain, in the dark, in my crocs......I fell.  I fell HARD.  I slipped on the hill in the mud and fell SO hard on my ankle.  I am super super tough and I immediately started crying as I felt and heard a loud "POP".  I rarely, if ever, cry from pain. Of course this was at the exact time my daughter had to leave to go back to college. So there I was in the mud, crying and she was crying and she had to leave and Mr. Yesteryear Acres was trying to pick me up out of the mud and we were both trying to say goodbye.  Not good.  Not at all.  So now I have to figure out - did I really really sprain my ankle or did I break my ankle?  Should I go to the ER or should I wait until morning to see how it feels? I cannot put ANY weight on it and I must say it is growing in size so I am sure that is not a good sign.  WAH!  This is NOT how I pictured my weekend ending! I mean I knew I would be in tears  - but not from falling in the mud!!! WAH!


  1. Oh GF, I am SO sorry that you hurt yourself. Can you put any weight on your ankle?? If not, I vote for the ER. Jamie twisted/popped/broke his ankle many times during his years of soccer. It's very painful - so take care and keep it iced and elevated. :-(

  2. Unfortunately, I know just how you feel! I rolled my ankle earlier this month (of course, right before my husband was going TDY for a few days) and even though I couldn't walk, decided it was just a bad sprain and I'd use the Rest Ice Compression Elevation method to treat it. When it was still bruised and swollen 10 days later I decided to go to the doctor and I've actually got a broken bone in my foot. The pop you heard worries me! I heard a crackling noise, and I figured it was just cracking my toe joints as my foot rolled over (do toes have knuckles?). Turns out I actually heard the bone crack! This is my long-winded way of voting for you to get it checked. :) Good luck!


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