Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Thankfulness - Day 8 - Voting Doodle Doggie

Election Day. Sometimes a day that feels like you have the inconvenience of squeezing just one more thing into an already full day.  Other times a day that feels like getting out and driving to the election poles and getting wet/cold/tired/ might not be worth it.... but it is.  It really is.  Having a voice is something every American should treasure.  We have the right to be heard.  We have the right to vote.  We have a say in who runs our country, what laws need amended and what policies should be enacted. This is a treasured right and so for today's thankfulness- I am thankful for the right to vote.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I went to the poles together.  We brought one of our cute little doodles along to help us in the voting process.  While Mr. Yesteryear Acres went inside and voted, I stayed outside and our little doodle was the official greeter and welcomer to all that voted.  It was a nice socialization interaction for our doodle doggie and put a lot of smiles on the voters' faces.  This was the first time for our doodle to meet people using canes and she was a bit curious at first but then realized it was nothing to be concerned with and greeted everyone with equal enthusiasm.  We got to say "hi" to some senior citizens and kept some younger citizens company.  When it was my turn to vote, Mr. Yesteryear Acres took over and he did the same.  In the end we got 3 "I Voted Today" stickers.  One for me.  One for Mr. Yesteryear Acres. One for our very proud to be an American, Thankful for the right to vote, Doodle Doggie! She is proudly wearing her sticker on her collar.  Way to go Voting Doodle Doggie!

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