Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My appointment with the orthopedic surgeon went well this morning. I mean IF you are going to throw yourself down a steep embankment of treacherous mudslides and IF you are going to slip and let's say break your ankle and snap your weight bearing bone and IF you are going to rupture your tendon along the way - well then, yes I stand by my statement that my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon went well today. I do still have a broken ankle.  I still did fracture the weight bearing bone. I still did rupture my tendon but as of today - I don't need surgery! That is awesome news right there!  I have to go back in exactly 2 weeks for more x-rays.  The surgeon needs to check to make sure there is no shifting or displacement. If there is - well then he will just go ahead and "throw a few screws in there". What!?!? Throw screws in?  I do not think it is something as simple as that. I think when he says, "throw a few screws in there" he means he will OPERATE on my ankle! ACK! The key to my recovery is simple.....DO NOT PUT ANY WEIGHT ON THE LEG! The nurse told me at least 517 times that I can NOT put any weight on my leg.  The surgeon told me at least 476 times I can NOT put any weight on my leg.  In fact I cannot put any weight on my leg for 6 weeks.  6 entire weeks.  I cannot rest it whilst standing.  I cannot put my toes down.  I cannot rest or balance. I cannot in any way shape or form put even the slightest pressure on my leg.  The surgeon said something along the lines that if I do then well the fracture will run up my leg, my bones will displace, I will need serious surgery to repair the damage, etc. etc. etc.  I got it.  I got the picture.  Evidently, for hygiene purposes I am to sit on my bathroom floor and the most I can do - is a sponge bath. OH JOY!  Maybe I can give myself a bath while I bathe the puppies!!!  I am always all wet anyway! The very best part of my day was when the surgeon gave me a prescription for a knee walker!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres went out right away and got it. It is a LIFESAVER! It is SOOOOOOO much better than using crutches! You bend your injured leg and place  your knee on the padded cushion and hold onto the scooter handlebars while you push off with your good leg. Weeeeeeeeee!  I can take like 10 steps in seconds! And when you stop moving, you have BOTH HANDS FREE!  I can still trim puppy claws!  I can still brush the puppies and hold the puppies and maybe even make dinner!  It even has a cool basket attached so I can bring my phone with me and other essential little items.  The doggies all thought I was ultra cool scooting around the house.  They DID want to chase me just a little bit - but have since learned to stay back.  I am a woman on a mission!  I can make it to the kitchen and back in minutes now! YES! I think I just might make it through the next 6 weeks! Weeeeeeee!

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