Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Thankfulness - Day 12 - 5 flights up

I am staying on the 5th floor of a hotel while visiting my daughter here in Annapolis. My daughter often says that the very hardest part about being at the Naval Academy is missing the doggies.   She can deal with missing her family because we can call and text and email but the doggies - there just is no substitute for a furry best friend snuggled in your lap.  On this trip I brought a puppy along so that my daughter could get some puppy snuggles.  I thought it was a great idea and so nice of me.  What I didn't think about was how much work it would be to bring the puppy.  First of course there was the puppy car sickness fun on the way here. I am very much looking forward to part 2 tomorrow when the puppy and I travel back home.  But that isn't the hard part.  The hard part isn't training the puppy or taking care of the puppy or watching the puppy.  The hard part is....I am on the 5th floor which means - every hour or so - I walk down 5 flights of stairs, take the puppy outside, do the "go potty, go potty...GOOD GIRL" routine, and then walk back up 5 flights of stairs.  Next hour - down 5 flights, "go potty" routine, up 5 flights. Next hour - repeat. I didn't know I signed up for the stairmaster program for the weekend! I know...I know...I could take the elevator but that means walking all the way down the hall, waiting for the slowest elevator in the world with a puppy that really really has to pee, and then being stopped by everyone in the lobby who wants to play with the cute puppy, and then walking all the way around back to the clean wooded area for the puppy to go pee.  If I take the stairs - I am down in a flash - I exit right by the wooded area - and I am back  I think I might be getting in shape at this point. I think I might be toned and awesome and all that. I think that is me telling myself a big lie because each flight of stairs only brings huffing and puffing and I am sure I am really not in shape despite my lengthy stairmaster routine. So today the thing I am most thankful for, the thing that brings me the greatest joy, the thing that is my Day 12 of Thankfulness is........ I am thankful I am not on the 6th floor!

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