Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tears and Sadness

Watching those you love consumed with grief is one of the hardest things in life. Our dear sweet neighbor's funeral was one of those heartbreaking moments of pure and utter sadness.  I know I will never forget the image of Larry draped over his wife's coffin saying his final goodbyes. Larry and Joanne were the kind of couple that did everything together.  Every errand, every doctor visit, every lunch outing.  They have been married for 53 years and they were always together. Every time we see them they are smiling. I don't think there has ever been a day that I have seen Larry without a smile.  He is a genuinely happy content and grateful human being. You could see how much Larry could hardly bear to say goodbye to his beloved wife.  We all left the room for a little while so he could say his last goodbye in peace. Larry had a lot of hugs for us today - and a lot of tears.  I felt his pain right to my very soul. I have never seen Larry cry - I was reduced to pure and complete sorrow.  When we arrived home from the funeral  - more sadness followed.  Our sweet chocolate labradoodle Fergie accidentally smothered one of her puppies while we were gone.  We found the puppy lying underneath her. I guess maybe Joanne needed a puppy friend in heaven today. Later this afternoon after I was able to pull myself together - I went over to Larry's house to visit with his youngest granddaughter. She was all alone sitting outside in the grass. She had the hardest time today saying goodbye to her grandma.  I brought a puppy with me and we played outside together. We were both able to smile and laugh at the cute puppy antics and for a little while, our hearts healed just a little bit. I let her soak in all the puppy hugs she wanted and the puppy gladly obliged.  I think the puppy knew she needed a lot of extra snuggling. Now that I am back home, I think I will do the same.  Puppy hugs are needed all around.

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