Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Do Good - Thankfulness Day 7

After the long road to the Presidential election there are bound to be those who are overcome with joy and gratitude while others wallow in the depths of despair.  I have friends on both sides.  It is rare to have everyone united and joyous at the same time for the same reasons when it comes to politics. In the midst of bitterness and disappointment as well as in the midst of of celebration and victory - one thing should remain... kindness.  Go out of your way to do good things. Don't just be a good person but DO good.  If we all reach into the depths of our souls and bring forth the goodness that lies within, we can come together and take joy in what makes America a great place to live. It is the responsibility of every citizen to care for their fellow Americans.  Reach out.  Offer assistance in the time of need. Provide a support system for your neighborhood.  Be someone others can count on.  The littlest gestures can sometimes bring the greatest relief.  Be thoughtful.  Be kind.  Be grateful. We have been given many blessings. Countless blessings. Never take that for granted and always remain thankful for every happiness that is bestowed upon you. A grateful life is a happy life.

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