Thursday, November 8, 2012

GOAL! Thankfulness Day 8

Today, when I stepped on the scale this morning.... happiness enveloped me!  I REACHED MY GOAL! I am officially down 18lbs and am at the exact weight that was prescribed to me a few months ago. THANKFULNESS AND THEN SOME!!!! In early August I was faced with some somber health facts. Even though I wasn't particularly heavy, all the weight I was carrying was pure fat. I had no muscle mass.  I had way too much visceral belly fat.  I had very little strength. My body composition results were depressing.  It was right then and there that I vowed to make a change.  In my defense, I have had some rather significant health crisis events that added to my weakened state but the facts were plain and simple.  Gain some muscle mass and in the process gain good health. We have always eaten well  here at Yesteryear Acres.  We eat 3-4 vegetarian meals a week and we pretty much make everything from scratch. The changes I made were subtle but resulted in significant results.  I have NOT dieted.  I am not on ANY diet.  I made lifestyle changes that I will stick to the rest of my life.  The most important change was of course exercise.  I do cardio exercise 4-5 times a week. I do it without fail.  I don't think of excuses to NOT exercise.  I accept the fact that I must exercise in order to live a long and healthy life and so I do it.  I also strength train 3 times a week.  Just this week, I was able to increase my weights for every strength exercise!  That was a HUGE accomplishment! I can't say that weight training is my favorite thing or that getting on the treadmill is SO fun BUT I can say that I look a million times better.  I feel a million times better. My clothes like me a million times better too.  The actual act of exercising doesn't bring me great joy but the feeling after I am done - well that is pure joy.  In addition to exercising, I have cut down my portion sizes and I am conscious of everything I eat.  I have been sticking to REAL food.  I never eat low-fat or sugar free or any processed type "fattening" food pretending to be low calorie.  I eat a sensible breakfast full of fiber and protein.  I eat a really healthy lunch which has protein, fiber and carbs.  For snacks, I always make sure to combine protein with my carbs.  I never eat one without the other. I eat whole grains and brown rice and quinoa.  I added greek yogurt as something I eat regularly. I can't say that I LOVE it - but it is really good for you and I feel pretty darn healthy after eating it. And just to emphasize that this is not a weird diet thing - I still eat homemade bread and cookies and ice cream and candy.  The only difference now is that if I am going to have cookies - I have one or two cookies.  I don't have a plate of cookies (who would ever do that!! ha ha ha!).  If I want some M&Ms - I eat them.  BUT my limit is nine single M&Ms in one day.  Could I eat the ENTIRE BAG of M&Ms?!  SURE!  But honestly if you know that every day you can have 9 M&Ms - then they aren't some forbidden deliciousness that you crave.  You just happily eat your 9 M&Ms and look forward to having them again. It is all about moderation and healthy choices.   If I didn't just experience this for myself - I NEVER would believe it but I promise you - IF you give your body healthy things....Protein, Fiber, Vegetables, Whole Grains.... you won't crave things that are bad for you.  Before August, I probably ate Doritos and Potato Chips a minimum of six days a week.  I literally would perish if I didn't have chips with my lunch!  Now - I hardly eat them.  It is weird because I don't even crave them.  I don't crave a lot of things that used to drive my "bad" eating habits.  I feel satisfied and have lots of energy and I feel super healthy.  Give it a try!  You will be surprised at how quickly your thankfulness will come!!!!

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