Sunday, November 18, 2012

When it works, I am thankful....Thankfulness Day 18

Let's just call today a great big wash of frustration.  A pile of not that much fun and quite a bit of agony. Evidently the electronic/internet/phone gremlins decided to hover over Yesteryear Acres.  In fact the gremlins reach was SO great, it reached my older daughter allllllllllll the way at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico as well as my younger daughter away at college.  Why did the gremlins have to visit? I have NO IDEA.
Here is the Gremlin Count
1) My phone randomly turns off whenever the battery level dips below 30%.  No warning.  No hesitation. Complete shut down.  Only way to bring it back is to plug it into the wall where it will come back on and proudly show 30% battery remaining.  I now have to do a total restore on my phone and erase everything.
2) My older daughter's phone is totally fried.  As in the phone store played TAPS for it.  As in there is NO way to transfer any contacts whatsoever.  It will not power up at all.  So now she has lost ALL her contacts.  Everyone from high school.  Everyone from the Naval Academy.  Everyone at the Marine Corps Base.  And before you ask if she had a backup copy of her contacts - let's just go with the obvious answer.  No.  She spent FOUR hours at the phone store to only to be told it would take at least 2 weeks for a replacement phone, they had no loaner phone, they had no rental phone.  So of course she had to use an "upgrade", pay the ridiculous fee and has a blank phone with no contacts.  You can imagine her joy.
3) Meanwhile my younger daughter's phone will no longer send texts.  At all.  Nothing.  And I spent hours on the phone with technical support, having my daughter go through 100 different repair steps to only find it is a server issue.  And now we have her phone really messed up and it won't be able to be corrected until the server issue has been fixed.
4) AND to make my whole circle of Gremlin fun complete - our modem from the phone company is going down.  I have to run upstairs every 30-45 minutes, unplug, reboot and then re-install the modem software, encryption key and re-establish an internet connection for every computer.  Although I am SURE this is helping my physical fitness mental state is questionable.  And the cherry on top of my Gremlin sundae is that the phone company no longer provides modems to their customers....but you are welcome to purchase a new one at full price.  OH BOY!
So EVEN though this post doesn't SEEM all that thankful - it only goes to show that WHEN my electronics/internet/phones all work - I AM REALLY THANKFUL.  Please Gremlin.  Go away.  I wish to bathe in my thankfulness for working electronics. I AM SO THANKFUL WHEN THEY WORK!!!!

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