Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Goodness!

 Thanksgiving is just my very favorite dinner of the entire year.  I LOVE Thanksgiving Dinner.  I love turkey.  I love stuffing.  I love gravy. I love scalloped corn. I love pecan pie, pumpkin log and pumpkin pie.  I love everything about Thanksgiving dinner from the food to the company to the sentiment.  There is simply no better dinner celebration. I dream about Thanksgiving dinner all year long and am so filled with thanks and happiness when the big day arrives. This year we cooked a big 26lb Turkey for Thanksgiving which can only mean one thing......TURKEY GOODNESS ALL WEEK LONG! Oh yes. I am in turkey heaven!  We have had Thanksgiving leftovers every night.  We have had turkey and gravy over hot fresh baked bread, Grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches,  Thanksgiving Dinner #2 - with ALL the fixings, turkey sandwiches for lunch and tonight.......mmmmmmmmm Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup!  Every year I always say, "THIS is the BEST turkey soup I ever made!"  but this year it is THE BEST TURKEY SOUP I EVER MADE.  I cooked the turkey bones all day long and oh my.  SO YUMMY.  We will have turkey noodle soup every day for lunch the rest of the week.  Turkey Goodness.....I LOVE YOU!

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