Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sleep! Glorious Sleep! Thankfulness Day 4

I have never been SO appreciative of sleep until this year. Sleep was something that often eluded me so it was hard to appreciate what I never had.  I just took it for granted that I wasn't meant to sleep through the night.  Every creak, whimper, squeak, toss and turn, and SNORE - woke me up.  This summer, after three LONG years, our bedroom restoration project was finally complete. We happily moved into our newly restored bedroom and to celebrate the long struggle of waiting, we bought a brand new King Size Bed.  Up until then - for 24 years - Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I shared a full size bed. I might add that Mr. Yesteryear Acres is not a small man and my share of the bed was a tiny little slice on the edge. Mr. Yesteryear Acres would snore horribly and he also suffered from sleep apnea so there was not a restful night to be found.  Neither one of us realized just how little sleep we were getting. We were exhausted. When we put our brand new King Size bed into our new bedroom....Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I just stared at it.  What had we done?!  The bed was simply massive.  We instantly regretted our purchase as no one on earth could possibly need a bed that big! We wondered how we could return the monstrosity.  We reluctantly crawled into our huge bed for the evening and ................OH MY GOSH! HEAVEN! We woke up the next morning feeling like we had slept like royalty!  It was without a doubt the BEST night's sleep we had ever had.  Ever.  Since that night, every single evening when we crawl into bed, we both have the biggest smiles on our faces.  We are like little kids jumping into our big bed.  The novelty hasn't worn off one bit.  It is our big cloud of happiness.  We are seriously grateful every night.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres hardly snores anymore.  His sleep apnea is gone completely and he sleeps like a baby.  I have so much room that I am SO comfortable and without the tossing and turning and SNORING in my ear....I sleep like a baby too.  Our cloud of happiness has brought us so much restfulness and comfort, I will love that bed forever!  And to celebrate Thankfulness Day 4 - One More Hour of Sleep!!!!!!  Glorious Sleep!

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