Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful to have made it all 45 minutes!

Today my younger daughter and I decided we would join my older daughter in her workout routine.  My older daughter is a 2nd Lt in the Marine Corps......did this give us a hint as to the intensity of the workout?????? No - not at all.  My younger daughter and I have been working out regularly.  My younger daughter and I have been lifting weights and working out on treadmills and bikes and have been ever so faithful in our commitment to staying physically fit.  My older daughter asked us if we wanted a beginner routine.  We replied, "OF COURSE NOT!"  We are ready!  We are fit!  We said we were probably ready for EXPERT level but we would stick with an intermediate routine. Ready. Set. GO!
First exercise - jump up in the air with hands overhead and then quickly hit the ground and do a push up and then leap in the air and repeat.
Second exercise - do some sort of lumberjack move with weights swinging up overhead and then swinging down towards the ground and doing a squat where your rear touches the ground and then leap back up and repeat.
Third exercise...........OH MY GOSH I CANNOT GET UP.  My older daughter is doing all this single leg, leaping, leg lifting, weight lifting, aerobic, cardiac, high knee jumping thing while my younger daughter and I are attempting to get up off the ground.  As the routine continues - my older daughter continues to leap and jump and lift and run and my younger daughter and I are more like someone caught in slow motion.  We are not jumping.  We are stepping.  We are not leaping, we are merely getting to a standing position.  We are not lunging - we are trying to bend our knees.  You get the pictures.  Every 5 minutes my younger daughter asks, "HOW MUCH LONGER!?!??!!" Every 5 minutes the time does NOT CHANGE.  We somehow managed to do the entire workout (albeit in slow motion) and I am thankful to have not perished during the routine.
My older daughter went on to do some pullups and more abdominal work.  My younger daughter and I SLOWLY collapsed onto the couch.  Can I have some water please?

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