Thursday, November 15, 2012

Twins - Nope! Thankfulness Day 15

My sister and I have been best friends forever.  I was five years old the day she was born and the second she arrived into this world, I knew I would never be lonely again.  We had a rough childhood growing up but we always had each other.  My sister knows what it is like to be me.  I know what it is like to be her.  We bring a set of experiences that no other people on the planet share. We have an unwavering support for one another and provide each other with unconditional love and compassion. When we were little, I know she felt the comfort of having a big sister that was always there for her. What she didn’t know is that I felt that same comfort by having a little sister that was always there for me. No matter what, we knew our sisterhood bond of unwavering friendship and devotion would never be broken. We are competitive but not so much that if the other one wins, we aren’t filled with the same joy that we have with our own victories. We love to play games, laugh, share stories, go shopping, and just be together. We always get asked if we are twins - we are that much alike. There have been many times in our lives where she needed me and just as many times that I needed her.  When I suffered a heart attack 3 years ago, her support was one of the things that helped me grow strong again. My stress-induced heart attack was caused by a confrontational attack by a step family member which not only caused me physical pain, but mental anguish as well.  My sister was there for me. She believed in me and she knew what pain I was in. She was a constant affirmation of strength and empathy and provided me with unconditional acceptance of the steps I needed to take to be healthy.  My heart attack only strengthened our bond as she was there to lift me up and provide me with the validation I so desperately needed. Today and every day I am thankful for my sister. A long time ago she gave me a shamrock laminated in a card that reads, “You will always be my Best Friend”.  The card sits right on my desk and whenever I see it I smile because I know no matter how many miles separate us – we will always be the best of friends and the closest of confidants.

 My sister… my first friend …my forever friend – I am so thankful for you. 

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