Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cooking from the Heart....Thankfulness Day 3

Today's Thankfulness comes straight from the kitchen.  I am SO thankful for good food! Mr. Yesteryear Acres is an AWESOME chef!  He makes the most delicious meals.  He loves cooking.  I have to say that I am also an awesome chef and I LOVE cooking too!  Between the two of us - there is ALWAYS something delicious on the table. Take last night for instance.  Last night was just a simple dinner night.  We had hamburgers. BUT it was Hamburger Night Yesteryear Acres style! Mr. Yesteryear Acres makes a special blend of lean pork and lean meats and makes the most killer delicious crispy salty yummy hamburgers.  He has a special cast iron skillet that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. I made homemade potato buns (from scratch) so his hamburgers would have the bun they so rightly deserved.  I also made homestyle potatoes that were just delicious.  AND to top that off, we had the very last of the fresh tomatoes from the garden.  That's right.  Our tomatoes made it all the way until November 2nd!  We unwrapped the last few tomatoes last night and oh my....  SO GOOD!  We also had Mr. Yesteryear Acres homemade "Fried" apples. So even hamburger night at Yesteryear Acres is special!  We have family dinner every single evening full of homecooked goodness.  Who can't be thankful for that! Every meal is special.  Every meal is delicious. And every meal is full of thanks.

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