Monday, November 12, 2012

Weatherfulness - Thankfulness Day 12

Today's thankfulness is devoted to weather.  Sunny, Rainy, Windy, Snowy, Stormy, Blissful - I love it all.  Horrible awful weather days just make me more appreciative of beautiful days.  Cold cloudy days make me think of blankets and pajamas and popcorn and movies. Beautiful sunny days make me think of flowers and swimming and hiking and picnics.  I love living where we have a HUGE variety in our weather systems.  Yesterday it was 73* and sunny.  Today it is hailing/icing/raining and really cold.  We get it all.  We get the beauty of all four seasons.  We get the fun of having closets full of winter boots AND summer sandals.  Living here at Yesteryear Acres means snowing and sledding and swimming and fishing. It is a cornucopia of weatherfulness.
Here is to yesterday's wonderful weather AND to my thankfulness that Mr. Yesteryear Acres said, "let's do the puppy pictures today in the beautiful sunshine!"  He knew today would be RAINY and COLD!  Good ole Mr. Yesteryear Acres!
The late Autumn Flowers still smell wonderful

Mr. Yesteryear Acres has the best lap in the whole world!

The sun feels so good!

What game do you want to play now?

I want to chase leaves!

I've got my eye on a great big maple leaf!

Hello.  I look just like my Daddy!

You know you said it!  They are so adorable!!!  Little snuggle bears!
Happy Monday!

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