Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pit Crew - Thankfulness Day 14

First, let me start with the END of the story.  We are all fine.  We are safe.  The story has an everyone is FINE ending.  I just didn't want you to worry while you were reading about our adventures as a PIT CREW yesterday so I thought I would spare you the suspense.
Yesterday Mr. Yesteryear Acres, my son, and I went out to meet my parents for my birthday dinner.  Yes, I know my birthday was in August but this was actually the first date that we all had a free evening at the same time. We left our house ON time - which let me tell you - here at Yesteryear Acres with all our doodle doggie and doodle puppies - that is a miraculous feat in and of itself. There we were driving along the busy freeway when the car engine warning system flashed a red exclamation point, "LOW TIRE PRESSURE!"  What? Is it sure?  What is ....OH NO!!!!!!!!  FLAT TIRE!!!!  Just like that.  We were barely able to pull off the side of the freeway.  I said something like, "OH NO! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?!???!!!!"  I am sure I had a panic voice when I said it.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son said, "Change the tire."  Just like that.  No excitement.  No CAN YOU BELIEVE WE JUST GOT A FLAT TIRE!!!  Just a simple, "change the tire."  It seemed simple until we went outside to jack the SUV  up. The cars were FLYING BY.  I mean the speed limit is 65, but evidently that was the suggested starting MPH.  It was pitch dark and NO one was slowing down.  We had about 6 inches between the tire and the road.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres gave me a flashlight so I could stand on the edge of the road and wave it to try to get cars to either slow down or move into the other lane.  So there I was, waving the flashlight and NO ONE CARED!!!!  My faith in humanity was being CRUMBLED!  I kept thinking, "PLEASE don't hit Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  PLEASE don't hit my son".  Then as more cars barreled down the freeway getting awfully close to us, I had the occasional, "PLEASE don't hit me either!"  It was ridiculous.  I started counting. About one in every 20 cars moved to the other lane.  The other lane was open too!  It wasn't like it would have been inconvenient for them to move over!  I was actually shocked.  I was waving my flashlight like a mad woman.  MOVE OVER! MOVE OVER!  No one listened. I stood there in awe.  I actually couldn't believe it and I still can't believe it.  Luckily Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son are MOST EXCELLENT pit crew members!  They had the tire changed pretty quickly and we were safe and back on the road in no time.  So I am sure you KNOW what today's thankfulness is! I am thankful that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son are safe.  (I am also thankful that the car tire chose to go flat when I wasn't the one driving it all by myself even though that isn't the nicest is so true!! I am glad I had them to fix the tire!!!)  I am really thankful that both my son and my husband know how to change a tire in record time and we were able to make it safely to dinner and back home again.  What's on today's list? TIRE SHOPPING!  I hope to be thankful that we find a good deal on tires!!!!

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