Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who wants popcorn?

It is a known fact that I make EXCELLENT popcorn. It is really that good.  A little fresh picked popcorn from the garden, caramelized butter, secret seasonings - I am talking delicious mouth-watering, you will love it popcorn. It is a Yesteryear Acres specialty and we eat it quite often.  It is one of my favorite evening snacks.  Whenever I make popcorn late at night, the conversation with Mr. Yesteryear Acres goes something like this:
Me: "I am going to make some popcorn, do you want some?

Mr. Yesteryear Acres: "No, I am too full to eat popcorn.  I will just have a glass of water."

Me: "Are you SURE you don't want popcorn?  Cause I will make EXTRA if you want some.  If you don't want any, I am going to just make one small batch for me."

Mr. Yesteryear Acres: "No, I don't want any popcorn tonight."

So then of course, I head out to the kitchen and I make TWO batches because EVERY SINGLE TIME without fail - Mr. Yesteryear Acres says, "Oh that popcorn smells so good......can I have some?"  I believe there is some Law of Human Nature where the smell of fresh popped popcorn elicits an immediate Pavlovian response and must be consumed immediately. I have never made a batch of popcorn without someone wanting it.  I honestly don't know why I bother to ask who wants popcorn.  The end result will always be "I do!!"  It goes without saying that I am very thankful that Mr. Yesteryear Acres plants row upon row of popcorn every year.  It takes up a lot of garden space to grow your own popcorn.  It is also a TON of work to get the corn off the cobs.  It is super sharp and our hands get SO sore from shelling the corn but in the end it is all worth it.  So who wants popcorn???

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