Saturday, November 17, 2012

Look at the Stars, Look how they Shine for you - Thankfulness Day 17

Today's Thankfulness, or rather this evening's thankfulness... my appreciation for the beautiful night sky.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I often go out late at night and star gaze.  It is something we really enjoy. We love finding all the constellations we can.  We love the twinkling of the stars. We love the vastness of the giant star-filled sky. We love to go back to the pond in the complete blackness of night and lie down on the dock and admire the millions of stars in the sky.  It brings a sense of serenity and peacefulness to our hectic and busy days.  Last night we were treated to a meteor shower. Bright brilliant green comets streaking across the sky bringing "Ooohs and Ahhhhhs" as our faces alight with huge smiles.  Meteor showers bring a whole other level of appreciation and wonderment.  When I look up at the stars on a dark clear night, I am reminded of just how small we are. No matter how big our worries or problems might seem, they are really small in comparison to the world around us.  I like to surrender my worries to the stars, find comfort shining down from those up in heaven and give thanks to the beauty that surrounds me. Look at the Stars.  Look how they Shine for you and everything you do.  Thankful.

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