Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Doodle Friends - Thankfulness Day 21

I am so very grateful for all my doodle friends and doodle families.  I have made so many kind and thoughtful doodle friends throughout the years. I have many wonderful doodle breeder friends that bring compassion and understanding to the 24 hours a day/7 days a week doodle doggie job. Their friendship is a continual blessing.  I always knew that raising doodle doggies would be a most excellent way to spend my days, but I never knew it would bring with it so many dear friends. I get doodle doggie picture updates like these that bring me so many smiles!
Doodle Doggie Bringing Comfort and Joy

Doodle Doggie waiting for a snack

Doodle Doggies posing perfectly for their Doodle Portrait

Doodle Doggie and Best Doggie friend enjoying the waterfront

Doodle Fireman Doggie

Good Little Doodle Doggie
and so many more.  My inbox is FULL of smiles!!!!
 I am also super lucky because my doodle friends sometimes bring me presents and everyone knows....I LOVE PRESENTS!  I have been blessed with everything from brownies and cookies, to a Marine Corps Mom keychain and tomato plants.  I have been treated to fresh crabs cooked to perfection and I have been incredibly surprised by the most adorable doodle purse ever. I have even received mail packages with Salsa Verde chips! 
Did I mention...... I LOVE PRESENTS! I am seriously touched by all the thoughtful gifts that have come my way.  They have brought us SO much joy!!!  Raising Doodle Puppies is the best.  
Having Awesome Doodle Friends.......I am SO VERY THANKFUL!  
You mean so much to me!

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