Monday, November 26, 2012

Puppy Thankfulness

This Thanksgiving we had DOUBLE the thanks!!!!  We had two litters of puppies born to bring lots of puppy snuggles and smiles to our holidays.  My daughters were so excited to have new puppies arrive while they were home.  They missed having newborn babies to love!
Our sweet Trixie delivered her rainbow litter of Double Doodle Goodness
Our very first Black Satin Double Doodle Babies!

AND our first Chocolate Double Doodle Baby!

Awwww. Just look at Trixie's boys

AND our sweet Cream Caramel Labradoodle Juneau delivered her babies so we have Double the smiles at Yesteryear Acres!
Awwwwww.  Newborn Snuggle Puppies!!!

Lady's puppies are almost ready for their new homes.  Today they played an awesome game of Leaf Pounce!
What is more fun than Leaf Pounce?

I got mine!

Mine leaf is little. Does it still count?

Who chewed the other half of my leaf?

I am the winner!  I found a red one!!!!
Happy Leaf Pounce Monday!!!

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