Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To Go or Not to Go

This week is the Global Pet Expo and Winter Labradoodle Breeder's Conference. I have had this trip planned for a few months but was so worried about going. Mr. Yesteryear Acres still isn't feeling 100%. There is so much work to do at home. I felt like I really needed to stay home. Mr. Yesteryear Acres assured me that things would be fine. When I went to the SuperZoo and checked out all the new dog products, I found some awesome things for our doodle doggies and puppies. I learned a lot at the seminars and at the conference. The trip was SO worth it for our sweet doggies. I found new toys and treats and grooming products and learned better ways of doing some doodle chores. I firmly believe that there is always room to learn and grow and to do better. Just because "it's the way it has always been done" doesn't necessarily make it the best way. Sometimes you can find even better ways of doing something! I love to do the best I can for our doodle doggies ... And so I packed my bags and headed to the airport at O'Dark-Thirty. Here's hoping for an informative and productive week!


  1. Nice to see a breeder who has her puppies best interests in mind at all times - that's why you produce such great pups.


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