Saturday, March 16, 2013

Looking for Love

This morning will be my son's first outing since his concussion.  Yesterday afternoon, he finally started feeling much better. I was so happy to see his smiling joking happy self! He even went on a walk with me.  He was so glad to be outdoors and the doodle doggies went crazy because they got to go on a walk with him.  They have been waiting forever! It was literally the best walk ever. Me and my smiling happy not-in-pain son! This morning my son is still feeling great so we are heading out the door to go visit Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mommy in the hospital.  She is really not feeling well.  We are bringing movies with us so when we are not with her, she has something to do.  My son and I are both really looking forward to spending the day with her! Tomorrow I will be driving ALL DAY LONG. I have to deliver some sweet doodle puppies.  Sadly, we did just have a last minute cancellation on a puppy.  He is ready for his new home starting tomorrow and is looking for love!  I can deliver him tomorrow if anyone is interested. He is a happy-go-lucky sweet puppy who just loves everyone!
Mr. Orange Collar Boy 
Has an awesome coat

Loves to play

Can give High Fives

Is great at fetch

Comes when he is called

Even from far away

And is great at going potty OUTSIDE.  He is a sweetie!

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