Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Video Chat

This morning my older daughter was lucky enough to get a real bona fide snow day! The Marine Corps Base was under Code Red and she didn't have to report to duty. She was so excited. She thought her snow days were long behind her.  The timing was great as she just got back from being out in the field since last week and hadn't slept for days.  She had the whole day to catch up on sleep and get some much needed food and she was able to finally warm up. This afternoon she had time to video chat with me and that was AWESOME! I haven't talked to her in a long time and I loved seeing her sweet face.  She got to talk to me, she got to talk to Mr. Yesteryear Acres, she got to check up on her brother AND she got to talk to the doodle doggies and doodle puppies. Guess who she was MOST excited about seeing on the video chat? Was it me, her sweet Mom who loves her so dearly? Nope.  Was it sweet Mr. Yesteryear Acres who loves her so dearly? Nope. Was it her brother who is still at home recovering from his head trauma? Nope. WAS IT THE DOODLE DOGGIES?!  Of course it was.  She had the BIGGEST smile on her face when the doggies came on the camera.  She talked to all of them.  She talked to every puppy. The doodle doggies were SO excited to see her.  The second they heard her voice they all came running.  The puppies were pretty happy with all the extra attention as well.   I love snow days.  To me, they always bring extra special family time and snow filled happy memories.

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