Saturday, March 2, 2013

Therapy Doggies

Yesterday was quite the long day.  I believe I made a minimum of 25 trips up and down the stairs checking on my son....and that was before lunch! My son is really sore and it is hard seeing him in so much pain.  I was reminded MANY times yesterday that he had a concussion and I have to say each time, it frightened me a little. For instance - my son asked no less than 12 times what was for dinner. "Hey Mom, What's for dinner?"  I replied, "Slow Roasted Pork, German Noodles and Green Beans."  5 minutes later, "Hey Mom, What's for dinner?"  The worst was when I came up to his room WITH his dinner and he asked me what was for dinner.  Then I gave him his dinner and he asked me what was for dinner.  Then his plate was on his lap, his fork was in the pork and he said, "What's for dinner?"  Head injuries are just so scary!  I managed to get some sleep last night and today seems to be a little better.  He made a plea to have a therapy dog by his side 24/7.
He said he really really really needs the doggies ON his bed
He sent me this picture so I could see how much therapy assistance he was getting
Blossom says, "I will be a therapy doodle doggie!"
"Choose us! We will never leave your side!!!!"
I have to say, the smile on my son's face when the doggies are with him is the best sight in the world. Our sweet therapy doodle doggies are making him feel better and hopefully today, he will remember what's for dinner!


  1. I had a TBI from a fall down the steps after a blackout last Good Friday. I was unconscious for 2.5 days. I still have a hard time remembering what day and time it is and must keep a calendar in my purse. I had a friend call and ask my husband what was wrong when I repeated the same thing to her 6 times. I am just now following up with a neurologist, speech therapist and OT. Please check on those things to make sure he's perfect again. He's young but rest is one of the best things for healing and then brain work, puzzles, etc. God bless you all. Kirby's Mom

    1. I am definitely keeping on top of his condition. That is so scary! I hope you continue to heal and every day find it to be a better day than you had before. Healing Hugs to you!


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