Saturday, March 30, 2013

We Miss You!

Sadly tomorrow will be the first Easter that Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mommy will miss.  She is still in the hospital and still is not doing too well.  It has been almost 3 weeks with no liquids and no food and her intestinal tract is still no better.  She will have to have major surgery next week and we all hope that this will finally get her feeling better.  I know she just wants to come home and have a real cup of coffee (probably in her very favorite pajamas!) and eat some real food and sleep in her own very comfy bed.  I just can't wait for that day too!  We all miss her and we have all been so worried about her.  I think we will need to take videos of the traditional Easter egg hunt for her and take that to the hospital.  Perhaps we can arrange a virtual Easter celebration for her.  She LOVES the Easter egg hunt and I know she will be so sad to miss it.  I will have to figure out a way to bring Easter to her. Every day I wake up and think,  I hope today will be the day she feels better.   I just hope the surgery goes well and she is back on the road to better health soon.  Life is too sad without her smiling face!!!!  FEEL BETTER SOON! 

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  1. We pray that the message of New Life at Easter will get her on the road to recovery.


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