Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Hour LESS? ACK!

Oh my gosh! Who ordered one hour less sleep today? I could REALLY use that hour.   I miss it so!!!!  Let's at Yesteryear Acres we have....

Cared for our recuperating son

Cared for Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mommy

Said goodbye to some of our adorable double doodle babies as they left for their new homes

Said hello to some new doodle babies that were the middle of the night

And made lots of food and care packages to take over to Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents' house. Mr. Yesteryear Acres went over this evening as his Mommy just got home from the hospital!  YAY!  We had homemade breads and rolls and dinners and side dishes and more dinners.  I am pretty sure they are set for the week!

All with one less hour to the day! Man. I am tired! And for everyone that can't wait for tomorrow......
Introducing our sweet Birdie!  She is McGyver's daughter and our newest Mommy!
She is the sweetest girl

With a heart of gold

She loves everyone

And will follow you wherever you go

She is a faithful, stay-by-your-side, doggie
AND here are her new Goldendoodle babies! little
AND because we had one LESS hour......
Nutmeg had her Red Caramel and Chocolate Babies too!
She totally didn't want to be left out of the fun!
I wonder what I would do with that extra hour?
Hmmmm.... I think.......SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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