Friday, March 15, 2013

Puppy Pack Time

Today I am getting all of Olive's puppies ready for their big weekend. It is time for them to meet their new families!  Olive's puppies are getting baths and nails trimmed and the whole spa treatment! It is beauty spa day!  I also am getting the Yesteryear Acres Favorite Things Puppy Care Packages ready.  I have food and blankies and toys and brushes plus other adorable puppy things that go into each care package. My living room floor looks like a Pet Store! I have a pile of blankets, I have a pile of collars, I have a pile of leashes, etc.  I suppose it is good exercise! I have to walk from puppy pile to puppy pile picking up one item and putting it into the care bag.  I always have to count out loud to make sure I don't miss anything.  I mean you can't send a puppy home without a snuggle toy! The only hard part about putting together the puppy packages is keeping the doodle doggies out of the living room while I am doing it.  They LOVE to "HELP" me.  "OH BOY! A FRISBEE! I WILL GO PLAY WITH THIS FOR YOU!"  It is all I can do to get all the puppy toys into their care packages before one of my doodle doggies runs off with one of their favorites.  It never fails.....I always seem to turn around and a rag bone or orange bunny is clearly MIA. Doodle Doggies COME BACK!  Those are for the PUPPIES!

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