Monday, March 25, 2013

Mr. Groundhog?

Lately I have seen some pretty funny pictures with Good Ole Mr. Groundhog wearing a sign that says, "I lied".  I have to say - HE DID!  What in the world is with this winter weather? My visions of SPRING are of spring flowers.  When I think of March, I have the idealistic picture of kids flying kites in a nice warm breeze with blue skies up above and a bright happy shining sun.  I do not imagine my March to be filled with blizzard type conditions,  frigid temperatures and parkas!  Guess I will have to work on a new definition of "Spring" because so far - this Spring looks remarkably like WINTER.  In fact I have not seen any discernible differences between our March weather and our December weather.  I have winter boots on. I have winter gloves on.  I have a winter parka on.  My doodle doggies look at me like, "AGAIN WITH THE SNOW?"  I have to agree.  How many more times this "Spring" shall I use the car scraper to find my poor snow-covered car? How many more times this "Spring" will Mr. Yesteryear Acres have to shovel the walk? I know, I know, in the midst of August it will be dreadfully hot and I will think back on this cold day with fond memories but for now.......WHERE ARE YOU SPRING?

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