Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slow and Steady

It looks like my son might be home for a while.  I don't see any signs of him returning to school quite yet.  He is unable to sit up for more than 20 minutes and doesn't have much mobility.  He is still in the "everything hurts" stage.  The biggest concern of course is his short term memory problem.  I am hopeful that this continues to improve because even though I like seeing him smile when I say I am making a big batch of Tapioca Pudding for him - it scares me a bit when it is the 20th time I have told him that. I have gotten a lot of thanks though! "OH THANK YOU MOM! I LOVE TAPIOCA PUDDING!"  I have heard that a number of times today.  I just brought up a small bowl of tapioca pudding, so hopefully he will remember that he ate it! I have homemade rolls rising in the oven but I thought I would just surprise him with that.  Actually every time I tell him something, it is a surprise (over and over again) so I thought I would wait until he had the rolls in his hands. Surprise!  I made you rolls! That way he can be eating the rolls before he forgets that I made them. I figured this is a good plan! Between the homemade goodies and the doodle doggies constantly by his side, he should continue to get better.  I am hoping tomorrow we will see a big improvement. Nothing says feel better than doodle doggies and homemade goodness.

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