Thursday, March 7, 2013

Laughter and Good Friends

I am so thankful for the many emails, posts and texts asking how my son is doing.  I really appreciate all the love!!!!!  I have to say - they are definitely the highlight of my day.  Today I received the FUNNIEST email from an awesome  friend of mine.  She said, "This will be you in 40 years" I opened up my email and it was a video of a very elderly lady dancing.  I mean she was breaking it down!!!!  It was AWESOME!  At the end of the video she said, "I could dance all @%*&!@ DAY!"  Oh my gosh!  I cracked up out loud!  I had just finished vacuuming the upstairs and of course I had my music on and of COURSE I was dancing while I was vacuuming. I literally had just been thinking about how much I love to dance.  It was great timing and an awesome video and so awesome she thought of me!  I laughed all day long every time I thought of it.  Another good friend of mine asked me how my son was doing.....followed by asking me how my son was doing. She has the short term memory situation down!  She totally summarized my day with that! I love my friends!  THANK YOU!

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