Friday, March 29, 2013

Puppy Visits

As much as I love having puppy lovers at our home, meeting their new puppies for the first time or picking up their new furry babies, I can't say I love it when people just drop by without making an appointment. I know puppies are totally irresistible.  That is why I spend my days raising our sweet puppies.  I love them.  I know other people love them too. BUT - I also love staying in my pajamas until after I have had my morning coffee.  I also love eating breakfast in my pajamas and answering my morning emails in my pajamas.  One of the best things about raising puppies is that you CAN stay in your pajamas!  I don't have to get dressed first thing in the morning.  My puppies love me with the same happiness and eagerness whether I am in my PJs or whether I am fully dressed.  They have no fashion sense.  I love my pajamas and if perhaps you decide to come to my house at 9:00 in the morning just because you want to play with our puppies.......there is a very good chance that I will be IN my pajamas with no intention of having company at that moment.  Please don't be offended by my lack of enthusiasm.  We have a strict visitation policy here.  First - we are not a pet shop with an open door policy. We are also not a petting zoo. I know we have awesome doodle doggies and puppies and horses and a big garden but Yesteryear Acres is our home and we live here and do family things and sometimes our house isn't vacuumed and ready for company first thing in the morning.  And sometimes......we wear pajamas and have coffee in the morning which is one of my favorite things. We do ask that you make an appointment to see our puppies.  In addition, we don't do any puppy visits until the puppies are old enough to have company.  The puppies  have to be mature enough to be up and romping around and the puppies have to be mature enough to be happy to be separated from their mommies.  When puppies are really little, they don't want to leave their mommy.  The mommy doggie doesn't really want you to pet her babies either.  Once the puppies are on solid food - the mommy dog is glad to let you have a turn playing with her babies and that is a great time to visit. If the puppies are all spoken for by the time they are old enough for company, the only visitors allowed are the new puppy families.  We really don't have time to honor every request for visits.  I receive at least 20 requests every week from people asking to just come out and play with the puppies at our house. Can you imagine getting ready for company every single day?  I have had families stop by on Easter Sunday or ask if they can come on Thanksgiving Day. I have people stay for hours when I am trying to get my daughter ready for her first Prom or right when I am in the middle of making dinner or processing tomatoes from the garden. I receive visit requests every day. It takes some of the joy out of PAJAMA time and family time. We just can't do that and still have time to care for our sweet furry babies.  I am sorry for all those who feel disappointed by our visitation policy, but it makes life here at Yesteryear Acres much nicer for us AND for our doodle doggies AND for our puppies.  I know that I am much happier.  I can walk around at 9:00amsipping my coffee, wearing my soft comfy pajamas and not have to worry about the doorbell ringing with company waiting.  My puppies are happier.  They get to stay safe and happy and healthy. The puppies aren't introduced to viruses and they aren't stressed by having strangers hold them before they have entered their social period of growth.  The mommy doggies are happier because they don't have to worry about the safety of their puppies and they just get to relax with their tails wagging taking care of their sweet babies.  The other doggies are happier too.  They don't have to be on alert for YOU HAVE COMPANY YOU HAVE COMPANY YOU HAVE COMPANY!  The visitation policy really is what is best for everyone here at Yesteryear Acres - both two-legged and four.  Happy people equal happy puppies equal happy new puppy families!


  1. Well, here's how naive I am! I never even entertained the idea of people wanting to visit your puppies!!! It NEVER even crossed my mind. But, now that I read your blog, wow! So, I'm glad you posted this blog about your visitation rules. It makes TOTAL sense and is so nicely said. Well done! And, here's to morning coffee times in your p.j.s!!!

  2. I find it hard to believe that people just assume that your home is a free-for-all just because you have pups. I never even imagined showing up at your house. That seems intrusive to me. - Krystin

  3. I would have to agree with all of the above! It's funny...sometimes people don't understand that because you raise puppies doesn't mean that you want a constant stream of visitors. They just don't think about the impact on you or the pups. I'm a teacher and have had parents say "Hey...if you're here at 7am would you mind if I drop Johnny off at that time?" Also "Would you mind helping me plan Suzie's birthday party?" Answer...No. I do's my time to make sure Johnny and Suzie get the best education possible. :)

    Thank you for posting your visitation policy. I hope it helps you and your family and thank you for ensuring the best start for everyone's new furry friend. I know I cannot wait to meet ours!!

  4. This has been eye opening to me in that I never consider dropping by when someone has a home-based business, that is unless I have an appointment that has been pre-scheduled. The beauty of your puppy raising is knowing that you are putting 110% into making sure that each puppy that leaves your acres has had the very best possible launch. We appreciate that and know that this attention to detail is what made our double doodle such a unique member of our family. Bravo for not being apologetic; your explanations are reasonable and succinct.

  5. Thanks!!!! I appreciate it so much!


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