Thursday, June 20, 2013

Growing Up Yesteryear Acres Style

Growing up on Yesteryear Acres is not your average childhood experience. We had no neighborhood kids to play with, no block parties to go to, and no street hockey games to play. But I couldn't have asked for a better childhood or in fact a better life.  I never had to worry about cars in the street, mean/scary neighbors, or making too much noise outside. My best friends were my siblings and our backyard was our kingdom. We played little house on the prairie and made swamp soups in the creek, hide and seek was played in the hay field, our wooden fort was excellent for Barbie and G.I. Joe base jumping, and our house was always full of love. I know that sounds cliche, but my parents were always home and we were always surrounded by love. Now don't get me wrong my siblings and I definitely fought. I mean who doesn't fight with their siblings. Especially when you have a bossy older sister who ALWAYS takes the blue polka-dotted dress when playing dress up and NEVER lets you read the red scroll that came with her Mulan Barbie doll. (Which by the way I didn't see until I was 18 and it says 'Friendship' and that's it.) Or a younger brother who terrorized you and drove you insane with the classic "I'm not touching you" only two centimeters away from your arm (because that's what younger brothers do). But it was perfect to me. Because I grew up knowing what family meant. And it means love no matter what. Growing up on Yesteryear Acres also meant hard work. From a young age we all learned how to hold a flashlight. More importantly to my Dad as we grew up we learned how to hold the flashlight STILL. Helping our Dad was long and tiring, but always rewarding. We learned that hard work brought the best rewards. After a long day we got to relax together, and more often than not, with a big bowl of homemade ice cream. Dinner was always on the table and eaten as a family (even if Mom was trying out a new recipe or we were too busy working and dinner wasn't until 8 pm). We always ate together and talked about our day. One of my favorite things we do sometimes is go around the table and say what our favorite thing was that day (such as my favorite thing yesterday was   when my sister called me just to talk). And when school was in session we all learned how to balance school work, sports, and family. Our animals, our business, our farm, it IS my family. I have grown up that way and we all treat it as such. My parents ALWAYS made time to help me with my homework when I needed it. When I needed help with my math homework I always KNEW my Dad would help me. I might have to wait for the sun to go down first, but he always made time to help me. Even when he was dead tired and we have been stuck on problem one for an hour. We would work through it all until I understood it and it was done. And after a long day at school who doesn't love to snuggle up to a doodle doggy!? I always had a furry friend to love and love me back. Growing up with animals teaches you almost everything about life. Responsibility, work, love, discipline, fun, challenges, compromises, not getting your way, life itself and even death. It was hard, but I feel like I am a better person from it. I am able to get more out of life's joys and deal with its downfalls better. My friends often ask about our family business and they just don't quite understand it. They always think that we work too hard. They ask when do you know you start working for the day? To me it's simple. As soon as I wake up. They want to know how I know I am done working for the day. To me that is equally as simple.  When everything is done and I go to sleep. My life is wonderful. I get to play with our puppies and dogs and horses annnnnd spend time with my family AS MY JOB!! So yes my life is very different from others, but I would never change it for the world! So thank you Mom and Dad for letting me grow up Yesteryear Acres style!!!

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