Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday!

Today we celebrated Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad's 80th Birthday.  The big party day has been on the calendar for 6 months.  We have kept today highlighted and marked in BIG BOLD LETTERS..."BIRTHDAY PARTY!"  Our biggest hope was that we could all go to the party together.  We often have to split up our special occasion celebrations as someone always needs to be here at Yesteryear Acres to take care of the doodle doggies and puppies.  We have someone working here this summer and we told him weeks in advance that TODAY was THE most important day of the entire summer.  If he were to only work ONE day - this would be THE day.  And do you know what?! He was scheduled to be here at 10:00am sharp this morning and..................HE CAME!  At 10:00am!  This has never happened to us before!  Even when we planned a YEAR in advance for our our older daughter's graduation from the Naval Academy - it didn't work out.  But today! YES!  Our helper arrived! We loaded the car full of yummy goodness and headed out to the big celebration.  Our older daughter of course couldn't join us (I guess the Marine Corps didn't have the big 80th birthday party on their calendar) but Mr. Yesteryear Acres, my son and my younger daughter and I were all able to go.  We were so happy to celebrate the big day with Mr. Yesteryear Acres family.  After such a hard few months with both his parents hospitalized, today's celebration meant so much to all of us.  I got a little teary singing "Happy Birthday".  I was so happy to be surrounded by so much love.
We had endless smiles all day long 
And so much love to go around
And what did he wish for on his 80th Birthday??????
Wish granted!
Happy 80th!
We love you SO much!

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