Friday, June 7, 2013


This morning my son and I visited The Virginia Military Institute. The drive to the school was quite soggy and although we know the road we traveled on was designated a scenic route - the only thing we saw was fog.  A LOT of fog! And rain! And more rain!  I didn't quite plan on a tropical storm/early hurricane/torrential downpour when I packed my suitcase for our college road trip.  How I miss my rain pants!  How I miss my rain boots!!! My shoes are so soggy they bubble and squish when I walk.  I believe I may just have the most wrinkly toes on the planet!  Still - my son and I aren't deterred.  We walked the entire campus.  We met with the admissions team. We got the most of our tour and enjoyed it immensely.  We left VMI early this afternoon and then headed north towards the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park. The beautiful scenic drive has over 100 miles of scenic vistas with 75 scenic viewpoints! Well.........we made it but.........we can't see a thing!  I mean NOTHING. You can barely see your hand in front of your face the fog is so thick.  Everything is blanketed in the heaviest fog I have ever seen and the rain is just pouring nonstop.  What could we do?  We stopped of course! And hiked! We hiked down a slippery, I can NOT see a thing mountain alllllll the way to a "I can't see it at all waterfall" and then hiked back up the mountain.  The waterfall sounded AMAZING - but it was covered in fog.  We were rewarded for our 4+ mile trek with a LOT of steps.  The trip back up the mountain was equivalent to 120 flights of stairs. Yes.  Rain and Fog won't stop us!  Now we just need to find some hand dryers or hair dryers or something so we can dry out! We are two soaked to the bone hikers! If we are lucky we just might dry out in time to get wet again tomorrow!

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