Monday, June 3, 2013

Stinker Doodle

We had a little visitor here at Yesteryear Acres today.  Was it a Doodle?  Well - not really.  My son was first to spot our little striped guest
Oh no!  I said, "Leave it alone!"
My daughter said
"Can we keep it?"

Mr. Yesteryear Acres said, "Stinker loves Peanut Butter!"

and....."OH Stinker loves to be snuggled in my shirt"


He's such a good little Stinker Doodle

He won't take up much room

He can just snuggle with me all day!

And even with all that coaxing
and naming
and loving
Stinker went back to the wild after his little adventure here.  He had a delightful snack and a little nap while my son found his nest.  We are not sure where the mama skunk went but there were 2 other babies in the nest so Stinker was able to be reunited with his Stinker siblings. Even though my daughter really really really  really wanted to keep him....she was glad he was back with his family. And do you know who else was really really really glad? ME!  Goodbye Stinker Doodle!


  1. Our doodle becomes a stinker doodle too sometimes, especially after asparagas


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