Friday, June 28, 2013

And then it was empty

Sigh. Today was the day.  The day I have been dreading.  The day to completely empty my older daughter's bedroom. My daughter is being stationed at the Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.  She has to make the move next week.  All her belongings from Quantico and all her belongings from home are going with her.  She has a house and everything.  She really really really really really really doesn't live here anymore. EVEN though the day she walked through the gates at the Naval Academy she really didn't live here anymore and EVEN though when she went to TBS in Quantico she really didn't live here anymore - her room LOOKED like she lived here.  All her stickers and awards and most of her clothes and cherished items were still in her room.  Every week when I cleaned her room, I looked around at all her things and it still felt like she was here. Every week I dust her Marine Corps items. I dust her paintings and American Flags and her jewelry box and stuffed animals and knick knacks and a piece of her is right there.  Well today, it all got put in boxes.  Every painting. Every sticker. Every piece of clothing. All packed up.  Her room is now empty. I will be hauling all her things to North Carolina for her next week and I will help unpack all her precious belongings and set up her new home. When I leave to make the long drive back to Yesteryear Acres, I know I will be leaving a piece of my heart there with her. A little piece will be in every one of her knick knacks, paintings, and all her cherished belongings. Empty room...... I know .... she doesn't live here anymore.

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