Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picture Highlights Part 2

I know you have been waiting with bated breath for today's second round of pictures from our college road trip. Well breathe easily ...the wait is over!  Here are the rest of the highlights!
This is what awaited us when we arrived at West Point.  It was just about dinner time when we got there and we started walking around the campus right away.  The storm was predicted to hit by 9pm so we only had a few hours without the pouring rains. 

The buildings at West Point are just beautiful.

It made me think of medieval castles.  I was in love!

This is a big lake in the middle of the campus. I mean - how beautiful is that!!

My son and I both decided we could easily spend hours just sitting at this lake. 

Here is one of the churches. We got there just as the sun was starting to set.

Inside was just breathtaking.  My son and I both stood in silence and took a moment to appreciate everything.

I love the stone work.  How they did all this way back then - amazing!

The lighting was bad as there was little daylight left - but this sight was amazing!

The setting sun over the Hudson Bay.

We watched every last glimpse of the beautiful sunset

We didn't get to take many pictures the next day during our official visit. It pretty much poured nonstop!  We were so grateful that we took the time to see everything we could the night before!

My son's favorite building.  The Mechanical Engineering projects were incredible!

My son braved the pouring rains to take this last picture.  He got soaked - but it was definitely worth it!

BACK HOME!  Sunrise this morning at Yesteryear Acres.  Even with everything we saw on our awesome college road trip......there's no place like home!

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