Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best for Last

Today we visited West Point and it was incredible.  It has to be the most beautiful campus I have ever seen.  I know. I know.  My older daughter went to the Naval Academy and believe me - a piece of my heart will ALWAYS belong to the Naval Academy. BUT now I think a piece of my heart might just lie at The United States Military Academy.  The setting amid the mountains and the Hudson River Valley is just breathtaking.  It is really beautiful.  The buildings remind me of medieval castles. It was like being transported back in time.  Huge stone granite buildings - just architectural masterpieces! Really - it was just beautiful. My son had a smile plastered on his face during the entire tour.  He now knows that he would be happy at either The United States Naval Academy or The United States Military Academy. His passion is to serve his country.  He knows that he will be instructed by the best at either institution and in the end he will be an Officer in the Military ready to serve, protect, and defend our country.  Our college trip will be something I will always treasure.  We spent the entire week together talking about dreams and desires and what the future might hold.  We narrowed down his choices as to where he would like to go when he graduates high school. We had a whole week of exploring, adventures, talking, laughing and.....RAIN.  I think we will never forget the wettest week we have ever had!  We have a long long long drive home the rain of course! With any luck by 2am tonight - we will be back home at Yesteryear Acres! Homeward Bound!!!!!

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